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April 6, 2022

Prevention Mouth Sore Mouthwash – Value 2 Pack, for Canker Sore Treatment or Braces Inflammation

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Unlike alcohol-based mouthwashes that may cause more irritation and aggravation of the problem, this alcohol-free mouth rinse helps alleviate discomfort, clean and promote healing for sores and other minor mouth irritations caused by canker sores, braces and ulcers. Prevention Mouth Sore mouthwash is an over the counter (OTC) mouthwash as listed with FDA, and could be the perfect first line of measure for oral health concerns. Alcohol-free, fluoride-free and die-free, this is a perfect formula even for children. Prevention Mouth Sore can be used as a canker sore treatment or to get relief from pain caused by minor mouth injuries while also leaving you with a refreshing feeling because of natural menthol and peppermint oi.l Usage Guidelines: Swish one capful of mouth rinse around in mouth, especially around affected areas, and spit out after a minute Use 3 to 5 times daily during sores, including after meals & before bedtime. Suitable for adults and children aged 2 and above Quality Assurance All our products are made under stringent quality control and can be relied upon with confidence. So, why think twice? Order now and get this pair of mouth rains mouthwash bottles for reliable oral care!
Safe Over-The-Counter Mouth Rinse – Alcohol-free, Fluoride-free & Dye-free, this mouth sore rinse is gentler, doesn’t dry mouth, rather rehydrates & moisturizes the oral cavity, while leaving you with a refreshing breath with its natural menthol & peppermint oil flavor for up to 12 hours – safe for children. Hydrogen peroxide along with sodium citrate, zinc and glycerine work synergistically to accelerate healing while eliminating the harshness of a regular oral mouthwash for sores.

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